1 Year Intensive Islamic Studies Programme – Usul al Din


The 1 Year Intensive Usul Al Din Program combines the essentials of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Studies to provide an accessible means to studying the Deen. This accelerated track offers the opportunity to study in a faster time frame and more efficient manner. The program offers a well-rounded curriculum with courses in Fiqh, Arabic, Islamic History, Quran, Hadith, Seerah, Legal Theory and more. Students complete the program with the theory and practical skills needed to have a foundational understanding of their faith. At the end of the 1 year, students are eligible to receive a completion certificate and a traditional Ijaaza from Shaykh Muhammad Al Ninowy. 


Our teaching methodology is extremely unique in its process to teach students the variety of viewpoints within the bounds of Ahl’ Sunnah. This approach provides students with an unbiased understanding of many schools of thought. At Madina, we believe in providing knowledge and information, not indoctrinating a particular point of view. This results in a well-rounded seeker of knowledge. We believe in bringing the best scholars to the students, without requiring the students to travel the world to seek the knowledge they crave. Each student has the opportunity to interact with, and study under scholars in a variety of fields from all across the world. We provide students with in-class instruction and one-on-one attention from teachers as required.


The main objectives of the program include providing students with the means to study their deen in an academic, traditional and practical manner, developing a sound grasp of foundational classical Arabic, foundational understanding of the Islamic faith, and the tools needed to access traditional texts and scholars from around the world. We also provide students with the opportunities and platforms for community engagement, developing well-rounded students who contribute positively to society. 


Al Quran 

This encompasses Ulum al-Quran (sciences of the Quran), Tajwid (recitation), and Tafsir (exegesis). These subjects include study of nature, content, preservation, historical timeline, context, occasions of revelation, language, style, sentence structure and more. 


This entails a study of Aqidah (Theology) – the Islamic beliefs regarding the Divine Oneness and attributes of Allah (Tawheed), the Prophets, and the unseen; Mantiq (Logic) – logic and its application in Islamic Philosophy and Tazkiya (Purification of the Heart) – the practical aspects of spirituality bound by the Quran and authentic Sunnah.  


This includes the study of the terminologies and methodologies to understand and evaluate the Hadith literature that encompass the records of purported actions, statements, and descriptions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family). It includes Seerah (Prophetic Biography) – the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family), providing insight into the mannerisms, ethics, and teachings from the prophetic life, as well as Tarikh (Islamic History), which covers the early formative period of Islam focusing on the four rightly guided caliphs and modern developments.  


This is the study of Islamic law as it pertains to the life of a Muslim. From the integrals of prayer to the proper conduct of a financial transaction, Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) provides insight into living according to the commands of Allah. We also cover Usul Al Fiqh (Legal Theory), which includes the principles upon which Islamic jurisprudence is derived; and explores the origins, proofs, and modes of deriving rulings. 


Our curriculum is crafted to suit an accelerated pace of study with an effective implementation of understanding and usage through teaching grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and more.  


The program’s duration is approximately 11 months, divided into 2 semestersClasses run from mid-January to Novemberwith mid semester breaks. Classes start at 7.30 Monday to Friday. Classes end at 3.30 Monday – Thursday, and at Jumuah (12 noon) on Fridays. Students are expected to attend some Saturday classes as well. 


  • Foundational knowledge of the principles of Islam, in practice and theory. 
  • The tools needed to navigate the daily demands of faith in practice. 
  • Practical skills to effectively convey a message through a halaqa, khutbah or lecture format. 
  • Sound grasp of the Arabic language through reading, writing, listening and speaking activities.


This program is designed for anyone interested in studying Islamic Studies and Arabic with the ability to dedicate one year to studying on-site.

Applicants should hold a National Senior Certificate (Matric Pass/ High School Diploma). English proficiency is a essential as all classes are taught in English. The ability to read Arabic (Qur’an) is advantageous.  No previous Islamic Studies background is required Dedication to studies and time management are essential to success.  Foreign students are welcome to apply.