Arabic Calligraphy Workshop


Dip your pen into the world of Arabic calligraphy, the soul of Islamic art in a 3-hour workshop on 14th April 2019 10:00am1:00pm. Cost R150

“Aslm faheem. I attended the course on Sunday and would like to say a big shukran or rather jazaaka Allah khayr. I’m an Arabic student and suddenly have greater respect for the scribes of the Qur’an. Now, more than before taking time when reciting, slowing down and appreciating each kharakaat. Shukran so much” Ruwaydah

Faheem Rhoda Jackson is a student of calligraphy, and has been spreading his passion for the art through teaching an introductory course in the Naskh script. Since the first course in November
2017, Faheem has repeated the course every month, and thereby creating a growing interest in the traditional art of Arabic calligraphy / Khatt-al-Arabiy.

To register go to

call/SMS 0835179023 or Whatsapp 0718698240