Cost of Living in Cape Town


Cost of Living Header
Your monthly expenses in Cape Town depends largely on where you stay, and the amenities you require. Accommodation close to the City Centre could range between R5500-R6500 per month, with accommodation in Rylands, Athlone and Surrey Estate ranging between R3800-R5000pm.
Student accommodation in Rylands, Athlone and Crawford often include a cooked meal and laundry. The transport cost to the Madina Campus varies, depending on the mode of transport and distance from campus, and could range between R400-R700 per month.
We recommend carpooling and lift clubs to minimise transport costs. Halal food is very accessible in Cape Town.
The cost of meals varies depending on preference, purchasing take outs, daily coffees and snacks and social dining. On average, it could cost between R1000-R2000 per month per person.
Kindly note that these are estimates and the institute cannot be held liable for any expenses incurred by students.