Hafiz Mahmood Khatib


Hafiz Mahmood Khatib is one of the main founders, managers and benefactors of the Madina Institute, to whom we owe our greatest vote of appreciation, for his tireless ongoing service to the South African Muslim community is truly second to none.

His educational background includes a BA in Islamic Studies, Arabic & Law (UDW), a Higher Diploma in Islamic Studies ICOSA where he also studied the Qira’āt. He received Shari’ah Training (focusing on Muslim Personal Law) in Islamabad University, Pakistan. He received a Law Degree from UCT. Hafiz Mahmood is also the founding attorney of MK Lawyers and the MK group of companies.

He was the first Minhajul Quran Youth League President in South Africa, is the Editor of Al-Hadil Ameen Magazine in Durban, serves as President of the Masjidul-Quds Executive and also Co-Ordinator of Alawi Husayni Ninowi Zawiyah South Africa. And he is the Manager of Operations at the Madina Institute.