Madina’s Campus


Madina Institute
  • Is a place where your spiritual journey will flourish and help you grow deeper in your faith and serve humanity.
  • Fosters academic excellence and manifests the line of truth and moderation commanded by the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Understands that people can be seekers and believers at the same time. So whilst Madina Institute seeks to bring hope, growth and opportunity to all human beings, it is also a place of deep theological reflection.
**Please note we are improving our institute, images above represent prior to renovations**
Madina is based in the award-winning ICON Building in the business district of Cape Town, opposite the International Convention Centre, and is conveniently within walking distance of many historical mosques, landmarks, public transport, restaurants, and the Atlantic seaboard.
Icon building_map
The unique design of our institute’s campus is meant to be student-friendly, beautiful, and foster spiritual reflection, while also offering hi-tech and functional amenities as well.
The facility houses:
  • 124-Seat Lecture Hall
  • 2 air-conditioned Lecture Rooms
  • State of the art Library & Resource Centre with computers
  • Prayer & Meditation Room
  • Wifi Zones
  • Audio/Visual Studio
  • Boardroom
campus layout
Should you wish to visit our campus please call 021 421 9027 or email