Masters of Islamic Studies

Accredited Masters Degree

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NQF level 9
Credits: 180
SAQA Qualification ID: 119862

“Focussing on the sources and origins of Islamic thought and

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Purpose of the Programme

The purpose of the programme is to examine the sources and origins of Islamic thought and practice, in particular the Qur’an and Sunnah, together with a knowledge and understanding of the life of the Prophet Muhammad and its contemporary significance. The overall goal of the qualification is to comprehend the religious influence on social contexts throughout the world. In addition, it offers a wide range of optional modules that will prepare students to contextualise Islamic scholarship and be able to critically analyse contemporary debates and issues concerning Islam and Muslims.

The degree offers students the opportunity to concentrate on Classical Islamic texts, the opportunity to continue, further and enhance their understanding and knowledge of Islam, pursue higher postgraduate degrees, as well as training in the translation of Islamic religious material.

The programme employs a critical and analytical approach to the study of Islam and contemporary Muslim society. The degree requires a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence, as well as demonstration of the ability to conduct research using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches in data collection, analysis and interpretation and dissemination of

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the qualification the student will be able to:

  • Apply sound and grounded knowledge in dealing with contemporary theological, social, and cultural issues behind the Muslim belief.
  • Comprehend and analyse the Islamic religion, while shedding light upon the religious practice and culture immediately connected with it.
  • Address the role Muslims play in understanding and providing solutions to pressing issues in South Africa and the contemporary world.
  • Enjoy a strong interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary graduate education that will enable a specialisation in one of the several important areas within Islamic scholarship.
  • Acquire exceptional knowledge of Islam and critical thinking skills for teaching in any of the specialisation areas.
  • Examine traditional Islamic knowledge and place such knowledge in the context of the challenges faced by modern society.
  • Develop a feeling for why Islamic societies have developed the way they did and being part of an active citizenship that plays a fundamental and transformative role in community and nation building processes for better living.
  • Develop graduates who can practice the values of moderation and contribute to social cohesion within communities and the wider world.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements to the Master of Islamic Studies, is an honours BA or BSc degree or an appropriate postgraduate diploma, or a 480-credit bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 96 credits, NQF Level 8 in Islamic Studies or a related field.

Compulsory Modules

Minor Dissertation




Research Methodology





2 Years Full Time
4 Years Part Time


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