My first Khutbah Experience – Mukhtar Ahmad Darab (USA)

In their efforts to train and empower students as community leaders & teachers, local mosques are welcoming Madina Institute students to give Khutbas and teach local halaqas. This is the story of one such student, Mukhtar Darab:

Alhamdulilah. Wa salat wa Salam ‘ala Rasulilah. Wa ‘ala ahlihi wa sahbihi man wala, ‘ama ba’ad:

Alhamdulilah, getting the opportunity to give my very first public sermon/khutbah a few weeks ago was an amazing experience.

Although it was a last minute decision and I had very limited time to prepare, I think it served as a great learning experience for myself. I felt very strange being on the mimbar, while there are so many scholars in Cape Town, and fellow companions of mine who are way more qualified than myself, but Alhamdulilah. Khayr InshaAllah. Since starting the program at Madina Institute, I have definitely been equipped with a good foundation of the sciences of Islam and that really helped me when I went up to speak. I didn’t feel nervous, but more anxious, and once you get into the flow of your talk that anxiety goes away.

I mentioned how we, as Muslims, must have the remembrance of “Alhamdulilah”, for all the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us, not only on our tongues but in our actions as well. Actions speak louder than words. I also spoke about how Allah’s Mercy overcomes His Wrath in the authentic Hadith Qudsi, therefore we should make duah that He, subhanahu wa ta’ala sends guidance into the hearts of the oppressors rather than make duah for His Curse to be upon them – and we should not doubt Allah’s Justice. There is no need for evil duahs, as our Nabi (alayhi salat wa salam) showed us when he chose mercy and guidance for the people of Ta’if  instead of having them destroyed by the angels, after the people violently drove him out of the city. Salalahu alayhi wa Salam.

May Allah forgive me if I spoke wrongly, and accept my intentions for giving that talk. And send guidance and mercy into the hearts of the wrongdoers, so maybe they, and if not them, their children may accept Islam. Ameen. Many of my mentors and teachers/shuyookh have told me that the first time is always the hardest and you just need to get it done and over with. So alhamdulilah, and inshaAllah I will look to see where I made errors in the khutbah and how I can improve for the future. InshaAllah ameen.

Please keep me in your duahs. 

Mukhtar Ahmad Darab, 19, Washington D.C./Northern Virginia