It was in 2013 when I had to make a decision about the next step of my life post school and always felt a longing to study deen but also wanted to gain life experience, study and work.

There were countless times that I came across Shaykh Muhammad an Ninowy on ITV and was absolutely mesmerized by this great man. His words and approach were so captivating and full of love. I remember him talking about Madina Institute and how one needs to have the altitude, aptitude and attitude to take on Madina as it’s an intense course and to a certain extent this scared me because I was afraid I wasn’t ready but my heart felt set on attending this institute.

My family urged me to apply and every day I would pray to get in. Aunty Nabaweya Malick had come to my school the day before my interview for a presentation and I was so excited knowing I could be one of the students attending the following year. I loved hearing more about what Madina had to offer. Being ill on the day, I almost didn’t go to the interview but I’m so glad I did because if I didn’t, I’d never have experienced the most life changing year for me.

I met Shaykh Sadullah khan and Aunty Nabaweya who conducted my interview and were so full of love. It just made me all the more excited!

A week or so later I got a call to say I’d been accepted and I couldn’t be more grateful to the Almighty for the year that laid the foundation for the rest of my life.

Upon entering the doors of Madina Institute SA in 2014, I immediately knew I found a family in Madina and that’s only grown stronger over time 💙.

We graduate from Madina as students and the thirst for knowledge only grows from there.

I urge you to pledge towards this initiative as it’s a year of feeding and growing ones soul, heart, and mind.

Madina teaches not just texts but also builds character and restores the love in our hearts for this deen and our Creator as well as His most Beloved. There are so many students who can benefit from this course that still allows you to study further in any field thereafter. Help students experience the best year of their life by sponsoring a student or contributing in any way you can. Any and every contribution goes a long way!

Mudassira Fareed
Madina Institute SA Alumni 2014