Shaykh Nabeel Majiet

Shaykh Nabeel Majiet attended Waterfall Islamic institute , completed his hifz under Shaykh Irfaan Abrahams at Darul Islam , then enrolled for Alim course at Darul Arqam Islamic institute in 1993, Sheikh Nabeel then left for Cairo Egypt and enrolled at Al-Azhar college which he completed and furthered his studies at the Al-Azhar university and obtained a bachelors degree in the faculty of Shari’a and specializes in comparative Fiqh.

Shaykh Nabeel has years of experience in imamat and currently is the imam at Hanover park mosque, director of Nurul Quran Islamic Institute and features on the voice of the cape radio station.

Sheikh Nabeel is a teacher and head of the Islamic department at the Al-Azhar high school in Cape Town as well as the moderator for Arabic in the Western Cape for schools.

He is currently teaching Fiqh and its Usul, along with Imamat and Arabic courses on weekends.