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Eid, Ritual Slaughter and Animal Rights: A reflection

As Eid-ul-Adha approaches I feel an uneasiness growing inside of…

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Sayyida Aisha As Siddiqa – May Allah ta’ala be well pleased with her

Sayyida Aisha As Siddiq is the complete example of a…

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An inspiration for the youth

ARTICLE PUBLISHED by STARPRESS on DEC 27 2015. Hafidh Fawaaz…

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Rouh-ul-Madina Newsletter 2015

Rouh-ul-Madina Newsletter 2015 Student Newsletter  The Rouh-ul-Madina Newsletter is a…

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Tajweed at Madina

I know that I have a taste for certain subjects…

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Alhamdulillah for Madina Institute SA - by Hafza Iqbal (UK)

Bismillah My name is Hafza Iqbal and I am a…

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Costa Rica to Cape Town - My search for Islamic Knowledge

My name is Shayma Pereira Medina. Im originally from Costa…

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My first Khutbah Experience - Mukhtar Ahmad Darab (USA)

In their efforts to train and empower students as community…

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