Finding Solace


I am a lost being,

But within these fragranced doors

I am no longer lost

My heart is tiresome,

But within these fragranced doors,

My heart is rejuvenated,

My soul tranquil

And my mind

Sound with the melodies,

Of profound knowledge


I see souls all around me

Not people

I see every soul connecting to the next,

Even so, when they are complete strangers


I see jewels

And not teachers

Each of whom, compassion lies in their smiles

Each of whom, education is taught not only from their speech

But from their hearts

Of whom, illumination shines from within.


My heart was homeless

But within this journey,

My heart has found a sanctuary.


-Wilted Her

Zaynab Siljeur

Usul Al Din Class of 2020 - Madina Institute