Study Tips for Ramadan

Thameenah Abrahams is an English graduate from the University of Cape Town. She is currently a Usul ad-Din student at Madina Institute.

Study Tips for Ramadan

Out of all the months of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the most anticipated month for most Muslims. It’s a time where blessings and rewards are multiplied, mosques come alive at night, and families unite. However, with this blessed month, not everyone has the luxury to remove themselves from their busy schedules. Even students are not exempt from writing exams.


Our busy schedule should not dampen our zest for not being able to make the most of the Holy month. Instead, we should use it as a challenge to be more conscious of God. Constant remembrance of Him will decrease the temptation of sin. Similar to studying, when we study, we start our task of studying with the name of God, and we follow it with the salwāt on our Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)


In addition, we also need to make sure we are doing justice to our bodies during the month of fasting. When studying, we use an extensive amount of our energy on mental activities. However, being in a state of hunger is also advantageous. In the Ihya of Imam Ghazali, he lists ten benefits of hunger and one of those benefits is the ‘sharpening of one’s insight.’ Overconsumption of food and drink makes the mind dull-witted whereas depriving your body of food opens up the pathways of the mind.


The food we consume affects our spiritual being, as well as the physical. We need to eat food that is ‘halal and tayyib’ (pure and good) and refrain from unhealthy foods or take out. Food from a pure source will nourish the physical body and will enable you with more energy to take on more acts of worship and provide ease with studying.


If we want to maximise the month of Ramadan, we also need to prioritise our time. An effective method would be to create a time management system. Ideally, preparing ahead for the month of Ramadan should take place at least two months prior, in Rajab and Sha’ban. The most important part is to know what your objectives are and work towards it.


Ramadan is a month filled with limitless blessings and worship is not restricted to the four walls of the masjid.



Thameenah Abrahams