Women and Mental Health


You are worth the quiet moment 

You are worth the deeper breath

you are worth the time it takes 

To slow down, be still and rest”



As a young lady, I have experienced painful change that most women at my age haven’t and the most important thing that my experiences have taught me is that mental health is as important as physical health.



Many a times as women we overestimate our inner strength, exerting our minds to take in and keep too much “baggage” and as a result, we come to a breaking point. Break downs leads us to think that we are weak, making us feel miserable and often causes depression. 


The Almighty tests us all with trials but He has said in the Holy Quran 

Allah does not burden any person with more than he can bear” [Baqarah:286]


I want to remind you, that bearing your trial does not mean that you have to bear it alone, or brave it all the time, or ignore & suppress your feelings.


Did you know that your mental health is physical as well?


A mentally healthy person shows good physical health while someone suffering mental health issues can experience unexplained headaches, fatigue, painful jaws and teeth, lack of enthusiasm and motivation … if you’re nodding or having “ah yes” moments while reading this then take this as a reminder to start looking out for YOU before anything else! 


My dear beautiful sister, everything belongs to Allah. Your body is an amanah from Allah & He SWT has entrusted you to take care of it. Take care of your heart, your mind and your soul. 


Allah SWT has created us as women to be more sensitive and emotional beings. And this shouldn’t be our downfall, rather something we embrace. 


It is OK that we may feel uncomfortable seeking professional help in sorting through the baggage we may be carrying.. the first step and the best step is to attempt it spiritually.  Allah is All Hearing and All Seeing, and in talking to Him SWT, you will find tranquility and peace and at the same time find it as a means of introspection. 


Dua is the weapon of a believer. Take a Time-Out each day, for yourself and your Lord. 

Once you’re comfortable talking to Allah, your soul will be aligned, and more at peace. 

Now, if need be you can seek the help of a professional in unraveling what’s on your mind, how to cope with it and healing mechanisms. 


Everybody is fighting a battle that they do no speak about – you are not alone! 


Remember that its OK and necessary to take some time out for yourself, feel your emotions, let yourself unwind. Allow someone else to make you a cup of tea, and sip it without thinking about what you’ve got to get back to. You are worth the quiet moment, the deeper breath and the time to rest !



Zulaika Mohamed currently lives in Pretoria. She graduated from the Madina Institute Usul Al Din 2019 Program and completed her


BA Psych, Ed in 2018 at the University of Pretoria

Zulaika Mohamed

Usul Al Din Class of 2019 - Madina Institute