The Lughat al-‘Arabiyyah classes are designed to introduce the student to core components and learning areas of the Arabic language, i.e. Grammar, Morphology (Sarf), Reading (Qira’ah) with understanding and Writing (Insha’ wal-Kitabah). A step-by-step program facilitates the four basic skills of writing, reading, listening and speaking, though conversational  skills are not emphasized as much as reading and vocabulary, so that ultimately the student will have the keys to navigate and negotiate classical religious texts with confidence.

  • Build skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Build vocabulary
  • Give students foundational understanding of Nahw
  • Give a comprehensive treatment of Sarf
  • Understand theoretical Nahw and Sarf as well as applied Syntax and Morphology
Discipline-Specific Skills:
  • Strengthen basic understanding and ability to discern parts of speech, gain ability to construct and identify simple sentences and its components
  • Strengthen basic understanding of Morphology through discerning forms of 3-letter verbs
  • Vocabulary building in relevant fields and situations
Textbooks Slated:
  • Al-‘Arabiyya bayna Yadayk by Sh Amienoellah Abderoef
  • ‘Nahw in a Nutshell by Sh Amienoellah Abderoef
  • Sarf in Short by Sh Amienoellah Abderoef
  • Qasas al-Nabiyyin by Sh Amienoellah Abderoef
  • Madina Institute Selected Arabic Readers by Sh Amienoellah Abderoef
  • Al-Ajrumiyyah by Muhammad al-Sanhaji
  • Alfiyyat Ibn Malik by Ibn Malik
  • Arba’un Hadith fil-Adab al-Nabawi by Dr. ‘Alawi bin Hamid bin Shihab

 Instructors: Sh Mukhtar Ahmed, Sh Ganief Kamaar, Sh Umar Sharief

(Some details on the course and curriculum are subject to change)

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