The marriage of Khadija (RA)and the Prophet (SAW)

Yasmina Samaai is a first year BA student at Madina Institute. Having completed her social work degree in 2018, she is looking forward to bringing her Islamic Studies into her social work.

The marriage of Khadija (RA) and the Prophet (SAW)

Many would agree if I were to say that the marriage of Khadija (ra) and the Nabi (saw) was of the best marriages to this day. However, what was it about this marriage that makes it the ideal standard we wish to live up to today?

It is the courage of Khadija (ra) to propose to the Prophet (saw) who had no wealth but an outstanding character. It is their mutual love and compassion shown to each other in the times of hardships like the loss of their sons. Their dedication to spreading the message of Islam. It is Khadija who dedicated her wealth in support of her husband in his noble quest. Khadija was our Prophets’ support during his troubles and suffering. She was the first to believe in him and his message. She was the one to console him when needed. She was also the one who encouraged him with words of wisdom. She strived with her husband, with patience, and assisted him with his mission.

This is what marriage is in Islam. It is a partner who is your covering and protection from the evils of this world. It is someone who provides ease in difficulties by providing support and encouragement. It is someone to strive with you in the path to Jannah. It is important to firstly implement the best of character in the home just as our Prophet (saw) did. This will foster mutual respect and inshallah be key in our role to a successful marriage as demonstrated for us by our Nabi Muhammad (saw) and Khadija (ra).