Does the program cater to Beginner-Level students of Arabic & Islam?

Yes.  You will find that the courses begin from the Beginner’s Level, but they progress quickly and continuously draw upon lessons previously learned in order to review, strengthen and percolate the information covered over the year, so as to take a student to an advanced level of education quite quickly. Do keep in mind that Arabic is taught every day, and the program requires a great deal of maturity, focus and dedication outside of the classroom so that students can read, review and consolidate their knowledge to the fullest degree.

To get the most out of the program, it is also strongly recommended that one should take some time to enroll in basic level courses in one’s community or online to get an introduction to Arabic, Fiqh & ‘Aqidah. Having this basis will greatly prepare you for the more advanced level classes to come at the Madina Institute.