Shaykh Imtiyaaz Isaacs completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’an at Jamʿiyyat al-Qurraʾat the tender age of 11 years. He, thereafter, continued his studies & completed the Translation of the Holy Qur’an & Islamic Studies at Dar al-Naʿim. Having a thirst for knowledge Shaykh Imtiyaaz then travelled to Egypt where he studied at the prestigious Institute of Al-Azhar where he completed his primary school, high school & university studies at the institute. He majored in Islamic Law at the Al-Azhar University. Whilst doing this Shaykh Imtiyaaz also studied under a number of renowned Scholars & has received sanad (authority) & ijazah (license of teaching) from Scholars around the globe including Saudi Arabia,Cairo,Mansura,Dusooq,Turkey & Jordan for the 10 & 14 Qira’at anomalous readings of the Quran & many other sciences. Qira’at and Usul Al Fiqh is his passion & he continues to teach its sciences. Shaykh Imtiyaaz Isaacs is a lecturer at Madina Institute teaching Arabic, Tajwid, Hadith & Usul Fiqh.