Etiquette is above knowledge

Among the various lessons I learnt at Madina Institute SA during my year of studies is the importance of good character.

This is one of the greatest lessons I was taught at Madina but its not one which can simply be learned from a textbook or memorized haphazardly, rather its something aquired from sitting with scholars and people of Ihsaan, people who understand what Sayyidina Rasulullah Salallhu alay wa ahly meant when he said “I have been sent to perfect good character” .

This is a lesson I understood from sitting with Shuyookh like Sayyidi Sheikh Muhammed Bin Yahya al Ninowi,may Allah protect him and late Marhoom Sheikh Abd Rasheed Brown may Allah have mercy on him. Teachers who Allah blessed with deep understanding of this deen.

Madina taught me to prioritize love and unconditional compassion for all before it taught me the laws of Arabic grammer, it taught me the importance of a sound heart before it taught me the technicalities of fiqh, it taught me that etiquette and good character comes before the knowledge.

Zubair Rahaman
Madina Alumni 2015