An excellent choice

“My year at Madina Institute has been an experience of a lifetime. Before coming to Madina I worked in a corporate environment where I was faced with so many questions about Islam, questions that I was unable to answer and I felt ashamed that I profess to follow a way of life without knowing why. So I started seeking answers and it led me to Madina Institute. The Usul-ud-Din program is one that should be done by everyone. It contains information that helps to navigate your way through life as a Muslim. Islamic scholarship is not only for those who wish to pursue this as a career, but it is for every person who wishes for a healthy and fulfilling way of life. What I benefited from most at Madina Institute is the direct access to qualified scholars to whom I could pose my questions. As a woman it is not always easy to find qualified scholars so this was a great blessing for me. Coming to Madina Institute was one of the best decisions I ever made and if you’re thinking of pursuing Islamic studies then Madina Institute is an excellent choice.”

By Gadijah Darries (Madina Graduate 2015)