My blessing from Allah

“It used to bother me how much I didn’t know about Islam. I would constantly imagine how I would answer Allah when he asked me why I never made an effort to truly understand my religion. Madina Institute was my blessing from Allah. It made me feel like a brand new Muslim. The teachers I was blessed to study under taught with sound knowledge firmly rooted in love, unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere. They were able to truly implement my love and respect for this religion in a deeply spiritual and practical way. That one year has helped me to navigate my priorities in a fast-paced and ever-distracting dunya by giving my life true meaning. I now work for a modest clothing house, My Online Souk, where I’ve been able to share my passion of inspiring people to live their everyday life in complete awe of Islam.”

By Jehan Ara Khonat

Madina Graduate 2015