Imagine if I could do this

Years ago, I heard about an academic institute of international standards that had just opened on our doorstep, in Cape Town SA. Its formal, yet heartfelt, approach to the pursuit of Ilm is what caught my attention.

“Imagine if I could do this.”

I smiled at the thought and returned to my daily affairs.

A wondrous thing about our connection with Allah is that we may not know what our own heart yearns for, yet Allah Al-Wadud sees everything hidden in its depths, and He responds.

“Imagine if I could do this.”

Four years later, a humble dua, in the form of a moment’s thought, turned into a reality.

Today, I am a student at the Madina Institute SA, experiencing the 1-Year Usul-ud-Deen Intensive Course.

Each day here opens my heart to something new about my Deen, myself, and my role as one person belonging to the Ummah of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Imagine if more of our youth could have this experience.
Imagine the ripple effect it would have in each student’s home, community, and future workplace.
Imagine this student’s potential to impact society at large.

You can be a means through which someone’s humble dua is realised. You can be a part of this ripple effect.

Be A Part Of The Ansaar ?

Yours Sincerely,
Dilshaad Bux
Entrepreneur & Radio Personality
Proud Student of Madina Institute SA