Khidma reflections

Reflections from Madina Institute S.A. student on her service (khidma) time with Planet Mercy South Africa

AsSalaamuAlaykum ?

Just yesterday I was sitting and writing my reflective essays for my Khidma “assignment” and all that was going through my mind was “WOW”.

May Allah increase Planet Mercy, the organization, the organizers and everyone part of it!

Each and every one makes a difference that may go unnoticed but it’s people like me who are blessed to share this experience with you all that notices what great work is being done!

Honestly I am blessed to have had the opportunity these past few months to help! I didn’t even know what to write in an essay of 300 – 350 words because it cannot be described!

It made me realize how much Allah has blessed me with yet I don’t make Shukr for what I have!

Shukran Planet Mercy Team for opening my eyes ?? I’m sure there are many out there that could say the same!

May Allah bless everyone and may the organization go from strength to strength everyday InshaAllah Ameen ??


Amina Cassim
(Madina Institute, class of 2017)