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#Press Release: 14 September 2017
Cape Town, South Africa

Do you have the Aptitude, Attitude & Altitude?
Madina Institute Bursary Appeal

In South Africa society is hugely challenged by the economy & the social ills of substance abuse, gangsterism & poor leadership leaving a weak moral fibre to guide our youth. The age old practise to stop Islamic schooling once you have reached high school has seriously left a huge gap in the Islamic development of teenagers into adults. And so while we may proudly have a big percentage of Muslims represented on the various private, government and international sectors, the reality is that the influence in Leadership of the Holy Quran & Sunnah is sometimes, if not most times absent.

While diversity needs room to allow us to positively part take in a bigger society, it is important to ensure that we are contributing to the pleasure and instruction of our Creator. Love, tolerance, respect and patience are Islamic concepts that have across the centuries successfully enabled us to be a strong and loving community.

However, we are also in an era of where Islam is largely ridiculed and wrongfully labelled as a hub of terrorists and terrorism. It is most crucial that we empower our leaders and youth with the proper teachings of Islam so that the representation of truth may be revived amongst the various sectors.

Madina Institute South Africa established in 2012 is where Leaders meet. Irrespective of the career path you may be on, the Usul ud din is a 1 year intensive program that empowers its students with the Holy Quran & Prophetic Model so that wherever the road may lead & whatever relationship or position you may find yourself in, that you would be living with purpose and positively contribute to society by the Prophetic Example and under the Prophetic Instruction.

The Madina Institute SA has recently with your assistance raised R3.5 million in pledges towards bursaries for 2018. While the funds are still being recovered, Madina Institute SA has partnered with Voice of the Cape Radio and ITV for a countrywide search for Students with the Aptitude, Altitude and Attitude for a 1 year intensive Usul ud Din course with a full bursary valued at R36 000 for deserving students pending passing the application process. Applicants are required to have passed matric and have memorised at least one juz, or the equivalent there of, of the Holy Quran. No previous Islamic studies are necessary, however, this is an initiative of empowerment for the entire community. It does not instrument a career in Islamic Studies but rather instruments that irrespective of the ambition you may follow that you are equipped with Deen & the ability to correctly refer to the Holy Quran & Hadith.

The opportunity to learn from renowned Scholars such as the Muhadith, Shaykh Muhammad An Ninowi, Shaykh Zaid Fataar Al Azhari, Mufti Sayed Haroon Muhammed Al Azhari , Shaykh Mukhtar Ahmed, Shaykh Fakrudien Owaisi Al Madini, Shaykh Nabiel Majiet Al Azhari, among many others should not be missed.

To be one of the Madina Bursary Recipients for 2018 you are invited to send your request and details to:

Alternatively call:


The Usul du Din program also invites qualified practitioners & academics to apply.

This initiative aims to empower our community with the Holy Quran and Prophetic Model to restore the moral fibre, discipline and pure intention of one Ummah.

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