Madina Celebrates 2018 Matric Results with Bursaries for 2019

Press Release
Friday, 4 January 2019
Cape Town, South Africa
Madina celebrates 2018 Matric results with Bursaries for 2019
Matric is the Eid of your schooling career before hastening as young adults into a career path or ambition.
We are so blessed in South Africa to have graduated into equal education for all. There are many countries globally that are still fighting this human right. We, however, cannot overlook that poverty plays a huge roll in the uneven terrain of literate vs illiterate. Along with the pandemic of poverty, there is a break down in moral fabric, values, social cohesion and development, ill health and inaccessibility to facilities of human dignity and life.
Islam is a way of life irrespective of your financial status. It’s teachings conquer the scourges of poverty with a strong moral code, purpose and divine instruction to live a life of success. From the basic call to prayer 5 times a day, to the dialogue of learned scholars and the encouraged practises and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Islam invests in living life with purpose and servitude between Creator and Creation.  It’s teachings of ‘Love, Tolerance and Kindness’, are healers, liberating people from the calamities of man’s own destruction. If followed correctly it embraces a world of peace from that very first meeting of Salaam.
At Madina Institute South Africa we advocate living a life of purpose, servitude, gratitude and success through enabling students/academics/entrepreneurs among others with the in-depth teachings of the Quranic Sciences and Prophetic Model.
As noted earlier the Eid of your schooling career is Matric but the Eid of your journey beyond that is your ability to confidently take on the world at the best of your ability aligned with the prophetic instruction.
Madina Institute South Africa Usul al Din enables this confidence by offering you one of two programs, that is, the one year or the newly provisionally registered accredited 3 year Bachelor of Arts in Usul al Din by the Department of Higher Education.
Since 2014 it has empowered communities and the corporate sector with alumni who are positively serving and contributing to social development and upliftment.
You have a few questions to ask yourself, like, am I living my life with purpose? Am I truly successful? What is success?
Not only has the institute become a beacon of hope for South Africa, but it has extended its accessibility to students of excellence by raising the necessary funds for student bursaries valued at R42 000 per student.
Applications for 2019 closes on the 9th of January 2019, thereafter applications may be considered with a penalty fee. Those with a bachelor’s pass needed for the BA degree or Matric for the 1-year program needs to apply at soonest.
We applaud the Matrics of 2018 and invite you to live a life of success through purpose. At Madina Institute South Africa your success matters.
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