Making faith real again

There seems to be a common thread in today’s era amoungst the youth concerning the deficiency of spirituality. On the 1st of Shabaan 1437, the Madina Student Association arranged a night dedicated to the youth as an initiative to endeavor eliminating the current crisis.

Darul Karaar Masjid in Wynburg played host to the pre Ramadhaan gathering at the close of Esha Salaah until 10pm. The initiative’s agenda discussed the balancing of deen and dunya relationships and establishing a truly strong connection with ALLAH.
Proceedings commenced as the audience were warmly welcomed followed by an opening du’a.
Trinidadian Madina Institute student, Muhammad Al Siddiqi ‘Ali melodiously recited the Qiraah as per his part. Alumni, Dr Muhammad Ameen Ally who graduated top in the class of 2014 lit the occasion with a highly influential word of advice. The question ‘Why am I not where I should be spiritually? ‘ was brought forth and the wisdoms withdrawn from this guidance included: seeking sacred knowledge in order to fulfill ALLAH’s commands, keeping in the company of spiritual guides to gain insight into one’s faults, searching for easiness in Islam, organizing one’s time with the remembrance of ALLAH to maintain presence of the heart and repenting to GOD Almighty for the previous ways. With that in mind, a dhikr was conducted. Abu Bakr As Siddiq youth group vice president and member of Ruh Al Madina Nasheed group Hafidh Raees Shamsodeen forefronted the vocals supported by MI brethrens Nawaaz Babamia, Saeed Khatib and Raees Essa displayed their skills in mesmerizing fashion.
The evening was rounded off by MSA Ameer Sohail Mahomed, Sri Lanka’s Khalid Rafiq and Raees Shamsodeen who each lead two rakaats of Qiyamul Layl respectively.
All in all, a great night spent in the way of ALLAH.