shared family vision

It was 4 months before the passing of my late Father, Al Marhoom, Haj Ebrahim Carrim, that we had met our Beloved Sayiddi, Shaykh Muhammad an Ninowi. Its often said that in the company of those who remind you of Allah your hearts are elevated to a higher conscience of Creator and creation. In Shaykh Ninowi’s company we became more conscious of ALLAH and an extreme love for our Beloved Sal Allahu Alayhi wa Alihi Wasalam, the Ahlul Bait, the Sahabah and the friends of ALLAH grew at such depths, Alhumdulillah.

Before my fathers passing, may Allah be well pleased with him, he consistently admired and praised the work of Shaykh Muhammad an Ninowi.

I recall it as if it was yesterday, in February 2013 Shaykh Ninowi visited South Africa and upon this visit discussed the vision of a Madina Institute South Africa with my family and I.

Captivated and inspired to establishing the institute we realized that there is an opportunity of developing a ‘real’ institute of learning.

As a family we have the utmost faith in the institute being a centre that empowers through the teachings of the Holy Quran, Sunnah and critical analytical skills needed today.

Our confidence in Madina Institute is a legacy as our children have since 2014 graduated from Madina Institute South Africa and like their peers continue to excel with the teachings of the Usul ud din Program.

The Madina Alumni and current student’s have an outstanding repertoire for social development, upliftment, mentorship programs and public spaces they have excelled at since the formation of Madina Institute South Africa.

The Carrim family shared a vision.  Through the guidance of my father and in the company of one of the worlds greatest Muhadith, Scholar and advocate for World Peace, Love and Tolerance, Madina Institute South Africa took root.

Aby Carrim, a servant of ALLAH,Trustee