Madina Institute – Pledge 2018 Feedback

Saturday, 9 June 2018
Cape Town, South Africa
Madina Institute hits its Target in Student Bursaries for 2019

After a successful pledge in 2017, this 2018, Madina Institute South Africa (SA) has  75% of its students on bursaries. With a minimum requirement of Matric and the concerted effort by the institute to raise the necessary funds for Student Bursaries, the Usul ud din program is increasingly accessible to those less fortunate with the Aptitude and Attitude to excel in the in-depth teachings of the Holy Quran and authentic Sunnah.

To achieve this, the institute hosts an annual pledge on the leading Islamic DSTV channel 347, ITV. This 4-hour Live Pledge Line engages the community in being part of this empowerment project towards sponsoring student bursaries by pledging their Zakah, Sadakah or Lillah towards a Student of Deen at just R36 000 per year or a monthly contribution of R3600 per month.

On the 8th of June 2018 at 10.30pm Madina Institutes Pledge Presenters: well known Cricketer, Abdul Manak, and Cape Towns very own dynamic, Shaykh Abduragman Alexander, together with a dedicated Panel of local businessmen, trustees, lecturer and students appealed to viewers in raising R3.6 million in student bursaries for the 2019 Usul ud din program.
With a strong team of volunteers and the ITV team, they ended on an exciting high note of R3.6 million. An absolutely awesome finish, however, the hard work remains in having to collect these pledges at soonest to enable the availability of student bursaries for 2019.
Earlier this year Madina Institute SA initiated its 2019 Applications with a roadshow to schools with their Deputy Dean, Shaykh Zaid Fataar, addressing potential students in the hope of empowering them with the necessary teachings of the Holy Quran to lead a life of purpose through the prophetic example.
The Holy month of Ramadan has graced us with its bounties and blessings, allowing us as a community to reflect, reconnect and spend quality time with the Holy Quran. In the Cape, the holy month of Ramadan sees our masjids filled to capacity and an exchange of Barakat between family and friends. It is a month of love, good relations and empowerment that passes way to fast and by Eids celebrations we once again pray to be able to keep up with the efforts of Ibadah attained in this month.
Its a great month for investing in yourself, your spirituality and exploring your purpose. It is important that during this time we get to know ourselves better, that we get to know our Creator and understand our purpose. We are so pleased that our community fulfills a great purpose when pledging towards a student of deen.
As the Madina Pledge Team returns to the Cape Town Campus, a feeling of pure joy resides with the comfort that these student bursaries will be available for the 2019 Usul ud din students and that efforts rest purely in the love of the Almighty Allah.
For those who would still like to pledge. You may still do so by filling in our online form or send a WhatsApp/ SMS…for your Zakaah/ Saqadah/ Lillah etc
_Supporting Madina Institute SA is supporting a legacy of ilm!_
WhatsApp / SMS +27 62 281 4898 (line is still open)
Or Online at:
(Section 18A Certificates available on request)
Tasleema Allie

(Photo: the 2018 Madina Institute S.A. pledge team raises R3.6 million in Student Bursaries

Photo Credit: Parwez)
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