Press Release – 15 March 2019 – New Zealand Massacre

New Zealand Massacre

Press Release
15 March 2019
South Africa, Cape Town

Madina Institute condemns the merciless killing of Musallis in New Zealand

On this Mubarak day of Jumuah we are troubled by the senseless attack & merciless killing on the Musallis of a Masjid in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We hope that authorities will allow the long arm of the law to ensure justice is served.

We extend our heartfelt Duas to the community & bereaved families.

We call on the Muslim community to denounce any attempts of instilling fear in our brothers & sisters in practising their Din. We revoke all calls to close any Masjids as a solution to safety. We instead invite communities to increase the interfaith Relations between religious sects to empower communities with knowledge to basic human rights, dignity & freedom of religion.

We hope that the perpetrators to the global attacks on Masjids be exposed & captured

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Madina Institute SA