Press Release – 5 January 2018

Press Release
5 January 2018
Cape Town, South Africa
Madina Applauds Matrics of 2017

One of the pre requisites for the 1 year intensive, Usul ud din course at Madina Institute is Matric. Its the turning point at which dreamed ambitions are initiated into reality and the Islamic Sciences is a vital & fundamental backbone in pursuing the right path the right way.

Over the past year of 2017 the Madina Institute Team has strived to avail the opportunity to as many worthy community students as possible by raising the Bursary Funds to enable the accessabillity of the course to as many potential community leaders, ambitious students & those hungry to learn with the ‘Aptitude & Attitude’.

Madina Institute SA applauds the Matrics of 2017, encouraging all to pursue further studies & skills much needed in the community.

Madina Institute SA resumes its first Class on the 15th of January 2018. Those wanting to apply or to find out more about the Bursaries on offer can visit:

Madina Institute SA
7th Floor Icon Building
Lower Long Streer, Cape Town